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    Question How to take an image and convert to design

    Hello I am new here. I have spent the better part of a week trying to find an exact 3d version of coin holder I want to print for myself. I have yet to find an exact match. I am trying to learn how to design my own but I thought I would try this popular forum for assistance. Thanks for any help.


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    This is a great project to get your feet wet designing and making your own 3d models for print.

    Since its a functional print the first thing you need are the critical dimensions of the model. Outer diameter/size and inner diameter coin size. What are your tolerances for the lid? What are your tolerances for the coin cylinder. All design factors.

    The closest thing I found in my 5 minute search was:

    What software are you using to design the coin holder?

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    There isn't anything that automatically converts an image to a design, but there are 3D modeling software options that allow you to import an image - set the size - and then you can create a sketch to trace it.

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