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    Hi everyone, I am a maker and the solo developer behind, a 100% free platform that allows makers and digital artisans to gain visibility both online and within their local community. Each maker can create and manage a dedicated maker page, which is search engine optimized (SEO) and indexable by Google. This page enables makers to list the categories they specialize in, the products they manufacture, the materials they use, the regions they serve, and much more.The platform is completely free to use, with no strings attached. I hope it can help both makers and potential customers connect with each other, fostering new conversations and collaborations.In the website I also share weekly product ideas and useful guides such as a P&L template (income statement) to validate the profitability of a new project. Hope this helps!

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    Seems like a good platform for 3D printing related business services. I would consider partnering with medical device companies who could use the manufactured goods.

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