I am getting into 3D printing with a $10,000 Investment.

I am looking to start a business with a 3D printer so I need end-user product quality.

I would like to be able to print using high-quality materials like Carbon Fiber and Fiber Glass (Kevlar would be a plus but don't need it). Space is one of my only concerns, I would like a desktop form factor or something moveable by a single human (max 2 people). (300lb max unit weight)

A few printers I had my eyes on were:

Fusion3 Edge

Raise3d Pro 3

Utilimaker S7

Picaso 3D Designer XL

Qidi X CF-Pro

Intamsys Funmat HT

Learning curve doesn't matter nor does maintenance/repair as I am highly mechanically skilled.

Please bestow your wisdom upon me, 3d Printer Community!

(I have scoured the internet and youtube and have found only old or unfulfilling information and would like an individual who has used these printers to chime in, if possible.)