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    Underside of supported parts surface finish

    Hello everyone

    I'm still pretty new to the 3D printing world but I do figure out most stuff out on my own in general but this one I'm not at all sure what the solution is. I have printed a few things with the help of supports but it seems that the underside of the supported part where the actual supports hold it up don't have a decent finish to them. I'm wondering what settings would be the appropriate ones to help improve the surface finish of the part being held up. Basically it's the bottom surface where the part begins printing on the supports. The rest of the prints are generally fine aside from just that particular problem.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated and I can also give you more information if you need it but here is what I have in terms of equipment, slicer and filament used

    Bambu Labs X1 carbon with AMS
    using bambu studio as my slicer
    eSUN PLA+ regular filament

    thank you all for any help you can give me
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    Yup.. supports suck and that's life with additive fabrication. The supports are part of the the process that is an art form. My suggestion is design the parts to not need supports..
    Don't know anything about that slicer so can't help.. I would think all the support settings are on the same page/tab/screen.. looks like maybe the distance between the support and the part is too wide.. . The idea of supports is the are close enough to support that first layer but far enough away so you can remove them.
    Good luck

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    I'm looking into that as well since it might be better to design my own supports in CAD or design to remove supports as well.the Bambu slicer is based on the Prusa slicer.the ugly parts are basically the internal solid infill but I don't know what I can do to make it look better (speed, overlap, etc)? I am also wondering why it doesn't treat these as top and bottom layers as well

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