Newish to Creality Halot One Pro and resin printing. Got the printer a month ago, about a half dozen successful prints.Accidently punctured my old FEP film using a metal scraper to look for misprint fragments.Replaced FEP film with: then, apparently nothing printing. I was careful to use the one replacement FEP that came with the Halot to make holes in the new FEP so that they perfectly matched, tightened down the screws in alternating reverses so that the screen tightened evenly. I removed both protective sheets from the FEP before attaching it. It seems to have good tension. I leveled afterward. Cleaned the plate. I ran two test prints. Nothing sticking to the plate. 1)Is it possible the resin is bad? I had a number of failed prints before figuring out the FEP problem. I've filtered it twice, found no significant fragments. Could the UV sensitive particles have been used up by bad prints? It seems like that isn't a thing, that if the particles are activated, the resin automatically hardens.2)I believe there is a setting that causes the LCD to emit UV from all across the plate, resulting in a thin layer of hardened resin all across the FEP. I thought it was "clean trough", but that didn't seem to do anything. No layer formed.Thoughts, suggestions?