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    Ender 3 Knocking and Skipping - What fixed it for you?

    Hi guys, I'm having some trouble with my Ender 3. I've had it since the Ender 3 was new, so I'm not really a newbie now and I should really be able to troubleshoot this but I've tried most if not everything I can think of that could be causing the gear to skip and I've still not completely fixed the problem.Things I've replaced fairly recently or done to fix this issue:New hotend [because I thought I was getting heat creep]New aluminium extruder [the stock gear arm was cracked]New bowden tube [the old tube was shorter than stock because of a blockage and I thought friction could be the issue]Nozzles have been changedUpdated to hardened steel extruder gearsSpring tension has been all the way loose and all the way tight to no effectBed levelling, similiar to spring tension I've gone through the range of being too close to too farRetraction speed and distance have been lowered to compensate Print speed has also been lowered to compensateSome of these things wasn't to fix it, they're just things which have changed. Other things have made some improvement here and there but it still knocks/skips. Sometimes it knocks/skips but doesn't effect the print at all. Other times like on a print I did yesterday it was under extruding on the last few layers [and the top surface quality was quite poor] It could be down to inconsistent filament diameter. I know this roll does vary and I do adjust the extruder settings for that but for larger prints that doesn't help.It's also quite an old spool where I've taken breaks from printing so that could factor in to print quality a little. Any of your recommendations for filament are welcome.

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    Oh My, You have a lot of things going on there.Let me start with a couple of little questions first, - did this print ever work successfully?- if you pull up an old print you did say 2 months ago that printed successfully will that one print successfully now using the same or similar filament?When I am troubleshooting issues like this I always try to divide and conquer.Divide and test, can you eliminate any of the following areas- Software / Slicer- Filament, New or old, replacement?- Hardware problem?

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