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    SimCAD 3D - Free 3D design tool for the browser

    Hey all!
    I have been developing a free CAD application that runs in the browser and is compatible with both Desktop and Mobile devices.
    SimCAD has a built in Slicer using a WebAssembly port of the CURA engine. It also has an integrated asset store where you can share and sell models.

    Check out the Demo Video!


    The upside of this integration is that you can access, and print models without ever having to store them on your local machine. You also do not need to worry about exporting to the correct extension and then opening up a separate app to slice and generate GCODE.

    Forum2.jpgSimCAD - Slicer.jpg

    For more information, check out

    If you're interested in supporting this project, I just launched a Kickstarter campaign.

    I would also appreciate any help in spreading the word.
    I am a one man band here and so I always appreciate the help.

    Please let me know if you have any feedback or suggestions!
    -Nate Rose
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