Hello everyone
I’m a newbie to 3D printers and would like to get your input on the issue I had while printing my poop chute yesterday with a new role of Bambu Lab PLA Tough that I ordered with my X-1 Carbon printer.
I had some issues with the print as some sections seemed to have printed correctly and others seemed to have had possibly a few types of issues. The chute was taken off of printables in the STL format and brought into Bambu Lab studio. The role was brand new and sealed and is Bambu Lab PLA Tough filament. I did not do anything to the settings and also ran the calibrations before the print as I am really new to 3d printing (2 days) and did not want to take any chances.I printed other things before this chute with the same role set into the AMS and also ran prints with PLA-CF on the external role hanger and they all printed fine and even printed the calibration cubes in all materials that were just fine as well.
I am joining pictures of the printed chute so that you may enlighten me on what the problem might be in order for me to learn from more knowledgeable people. Thank you for any help you can give me

Here is some basic info that may be helpful but pretty much all factory:
-0.4 nozzle
-nozzle temp set to factory spool RFID 190min - 240max
-flow ratio 0.98
-first layer temp 220
-cool plate temp 35

Just let me know if you need other information to better help you out troubleshoot what I did wrong