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    Printing Problem - FlashForge 3D Creator Max

    I just obtained an Creator Max and after getting it setup I did a test print of benchy and it was almost perfect so I decided to try another one and this one started off great. Meaning the bottom layers were near perfection but the layers after that were a complete disaster, at which point I halted the print. I am wondering what would cause this, I am including pictures for reference.
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    Did you ever get this fixed?

    I see over 1100 reads, but no replies.

    A little more info would help like what material, temp, and slicer used (and did you check and see if supports are required).

    You can rule out a mechanical issue by printing something simple like a cube stretched in the z axis a little taller than where your print is messing up.

    If that prints ok, then you can most likely rule out any mechanical issues, and look into slicer settings.

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