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    Why doesn't this model work?

    Just made a little model vase in Onshape following a video tutorial. Looks good in Onshape and Cura but when you slice it the sides of the vase are only 1 pass thick, even though the model is much thicker than that. Is there some setting in Cura I need to change or did I make a mistake in Onshape? It should be 2.5mm thick.Thanks,Ben
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    Have you sliced it in 'vase' mode. That will literally only make a thin walled vase.

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    Think I worked it out. Seems to be a scaling issue. I made it too big in Onshape so when I scale it down in Cura it scales to only 1 pass-worth of thickness in the walls. Seems a bit rubbish though because now I've made the walls a bit thicker its suddenly jumped to like 20 passes-worth. That "vase" mode you mentioned "spiralize outer contour" makes it so its only doing 1 pass thickness again but that may be something to do with my noob CAD skills as before.

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