So I upgraded to the dual blower kit in hopes that it would speed up my prints a bit. After checking wiring which I believe I installed correctly I'm running into an issue with filament not adhering to the bed. I've cleaned the bed and leveled it. I printed the bracket that Longer designed for the auto leveler and I also updated the firmware. I have a feeling the problem is the BLTouch auto leveler but have no idea how to fix. I should have waited until I had my StageTop game table printed but I guess I just couldn't wait. What I find strange is that the auto leveler used to do 9 point leveling, I think, but now it's doing way more, like over 20 if I'm not mistaken. From what I've listed is there maybe something I did wrong? Was I supposed to change some of the coding? I thought I did everything the Longer website said to do but there wasn't a whole lot of instructions on the dual blower and the auto leveler. Any help is greatly appreciated.