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    (Mechanical?) Issues with CreatBot F430

    Hello All,A few weeks ago we bought an CreatBot F430. Im right now still mainly printing standart PLA on it.In the beginning everything was fine until I started to increase print / travel speed. When im about to go higher then ~100mm/s² the Y axis starts to produce some strange noises.I also attached a short clip (travel speed in the clip is about 150mm/s²) where you should be able to hear the vibration / noise.The sound is comming somewhere from the right side of the printer - right now I guess its caused by the linear rail / cart.Also for me it looks like there is already some wear (black dust in the grease) on the right linear rail where the left Y rail looks much cleaner.Does anybody have an Idea how I should appoach this?I think I will demount the linear cart / rail and try to clean and re-lubricate it. (I already put some grease onto the linear rail but there was no real difference)Im also not sure if there is maybe a way to adjust the force of the bearings in the cart applied to the rail?I hope I posted this thread into the right section of the Forum.Already many thanks for your help!BRSchmirko
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    Did you solve the problem? I had that sound but it turns out it was a break in the cable for the X motor... I replaced the cable but now it seems I have problems with the X motor...

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