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    Help with PLA print quality

    Hello all. I am very new to the 3D printing world, and I am having some problems with my prints. I have watched loads of videos, read some articles, and even talked to ChatGPT which has given me a good base knowledge of what some of the settings do and which one to change but I have got to the point where I no longer know what to change go get a cleaner print. I have got my prints to print okayish but they are not at a quality that I am happy with.

    I do understand that it changes depending on what you are using and what you are printing so there is not one setting that fits all but I am hoping if I give my settings and show images then someone can give me some advice or just tell me what I have done wrong.

    I am using a ANYCUBIC KOBRA NEO which I have checked is levelled correctly and I use painters’ tape to have that bonus adhesion. My PLA is OVERTURE PLA MATTE. I have attached screen shots of my code as well as Pictures of my prints.
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