Hello All,

I've recently ordered an Elegoo Mars 3 Pro 3D Printer and resins and am awaiting it. I've been watching videos here and there and reading articles about it. I do have a few questions and for anyone with the same model I would love any suggestions, tricks, settings etc for this model or just in general. Besides all the obvious stuff like safety etc I've got all that down.

1) I know and understand resin is toxic, I'm wondering about paper towels and microfiber clothes used to clean resin up (spills, vat etc). I couldn't really find anything specific on this. Other than people saying they throw them away which to me seems like either they are idiots or just not detailing their process. I would like to get clarification on disposal of paper towels. Do you just toss them? Or more realistically I'm guessing you would expose them to some UV light to harden/cure the resin and then dispose of them, correct?

2) If using microfiber cloths as well for the FEP do those basically become disposable as with curing the resin on them if it's absorbed into the cloth I would think you can't wash it so it would then be no longer useable? I've seen a few other types of cloths thrown out that people use but then a lot of responses to the contrary of using those.(alcohol wipes, shop towels etc) Most videos and such recommended using microfiber cloths.

I've purchase about 50/50 of water washable and then normal resins to try out and see what best works for me. I'm hoping I have luck with the waster washables as I would like to avoid having to use IPA. I'm planning mostly to use the printer to print mini's for table top RPG's, however I am also going to print small bits of stuff I need around my shop for tools and such. And then whatever else I think is cool to print.lol