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    Need help cutting up difficult mecha models for easier printing (creality Ender Pro3)

    Hello all, I'm pretty new to the world of 3d printing. I apologize in advance if I'm posting this in the wrong place. I am a huge fan of Zoids and pretty much bought a 3d printer just so that I could print my own Zoids. So far I have only been able to print one free model (blade liger) I found that already came split up in easy to print pieces (head, 4 separate legs, front body, back body, tail) I've found a couple of other zoids models in that I would absolutely love to print, but they all come as a single piece. My printer is an ender pro 3. It's not very big so if I print the whole model it would come out smaller & of less quality, & it would have a ton of annoying supports. Is there any kind soul that could help me chop up a few models so that I could print them? These are the links to the models: (just the scorpion & red t-rex with shields (Death Stinger & Geno breaker)Any help will be greatly appreciated!!

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    Link appears to be broken

    I think your slicer will have a setting that enables you to split an STL into seperate parts.

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