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    Blob in Prints

    Sorry if this is something obvious, as I am new to 3D Printing and could not figure out why this is happening. Just switched to Cura from Simply3D as well as initially from FlashPrint as I wanted to be able to do more advanced stuff, which Cura provides (i.e. different infills per area via support blockers, etc...).I tried matching the settings from S3D and FP as close as possible, but I am missing something. The same STL prints fine with S3D and FP [same PLA and Temps], but when I slice it with Cura, I sometimes get random blobs that expand around the extruder and stop the print. Is there some setting I am doing wrong?Any help with what I am doing wrong would be greatly appreciated.I am also using FF PLA, with an Adventurer 4
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