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    Sputtering, poor base adherance

    Ran into some poor print issues last night.

    Machine: Ender 5 Plus
    Filament: Coex PLA-- JUST OPENED
    Nozzle temp: 245° c
    Bed temp: 65° c

    Never had issues with Coex before. Usually prints with zero issue.
    I was immaculate in my leveling and z offset tuning.
    Filament would stutter, not forming consistent lines, would not adhere to the buildplate without lots of glue

    I wondered if the over abundance of glue caused the spottiness?

    Is there a way to adjust the pressure place on the filament in order for it to pass more consistently through the extruder?


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    I'm also more inclined that the reason is the amount of glue

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    Quote Originally Posted by dilndsv View Post
    I'm also more inclined that the reason is the amount of glue
    okay thanks ill try less

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    According to the web page, the range for the nozzle temperature for Coex PLA (not other exotic filaments) is 215 to 235 degrees C. Your temperature of 245 waves a red flag to me.

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    Try lowering the print temp and leveling the bed

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    this time I had near perfect adhesion.My follow up question is my is the part not perfectly round?its printed as sections. part was 13in there a way to fix this in the future?
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    Consider to attach the STL file you are using. This will provide for more information than the photo provides.

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