Hi!This is my first post on this forum. Im fairly new to the 3d printing world, i learned most of the basics, but still lack the experience.I got an ender 5 a few months ago, and want to upgrade it with a good all in one (hopefully all metal) hotend + direct drive extruder. Also as a side note, wanted to make it super silent - already bought some 24v -> 12v converters, and some Noctua fans to change ALL fans on the printer.Here would be my criteria and my findings about the new stuff: - I dont really want to spend more than 100-130$, maybe a few more $ if its really high quality, but that should do it i hope.- Since i want to change ALL fans to noctua super silent fans, the hotend should be compatible with external fans (i saw some all in one solutions that had built in non removable or nonstandard fans, so i thought it might worth mentioning)- I know it might be a bit overkill for ender 5 but i might/probably will upgrade the printer later, so would be cool if i could just move the hotend/d.drive combo when its neccessary to the new printer and dont have to buy a new one.- I live in middle EU, Slovakia to be exact, so it should be avialable on my general area (dont want to buy something for 100$ and spend another 50$ on shipping xd from USA)What i found so far:- Microswiss Direct drive extruder with all metal hotend combo: This looked nice and price was just inside my planned budget, but didnt include the extruder motor (would have to use the bulky & heavy original one) and also the filament path isnt the shortest. Otherwise not that bad.- Microswiss Direct drive NG extruder: This looked even better than the previous, also included a smaller stepper motor with gear ratio, and a really short filament path, and was just a bit over my planned budge. For me this was the winner so far.- Biqu H2 v2.0: Saw lot of reviews on youtube, some praising, some not. Seemed like a good all in one solution, some reviews say it can get really hot, the fan doesnt seem replacable because it seems smaller than noctuas smallest 40mm fan, and i dont know if it has all metal hotend.If you can recommend any of the above or something else, i would be happy to hear responses!Dont want to rush it now and regret it later