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    Newby w/idea looking for guidence

    Hi, Getting into 3D printing for a different use: Is there a liquid type head that has conductive fluid? If so, how conductive? Idea is to literally print the conductive traces & pads of a pc board. Apply a conductive adhesive in lieu of solder paste. Pick & place as usual. I've NO Clue how viable this may be. I'm just tired of commissioning board houses multiple times when I just need 1 as layout proof. The thought of printing etch resist & chemical etching is messy & hazmat. (I did that late '70s) One advantage is current limit vs trace can be both width And thickness. Also, conductive adhesive May work as through-hole "plug/path". Possible answers here are too numerous, but 1st off - Am I crazy here? Or in the dust of pioneers I've never heard of? Thanks in advance for any/all directions/suggestions.
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