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    Looking for all suggestions but help with lettering in particular.

    Just got into printing over the past few months. Using and Ender 3 Pro with Stronghero3 PLA filament. I've attempted to optimize printing and have made some pretty good strides overall. I've done the following:

    • Levelled Bed multiple times
    • Calculated E-Steps

    • Run Temp Test prints (Running at 200 degrees nozzle and 60 degree Bed for PLA now)
    • Retraction Test (retraction 6.5mm, Retraction Speed 25mm/s)
    • Print Speed 50mm/s

    After those tests, I've run a calibration cube and mini-test that I'll link pictures below. As stated, I think I've made significant improvements. I'm particularly happy with the calibration cube. It seems very smooth with minimal defects on the lettering.

    The mini-test is good but perhaps not as good. The overhand test seems pretty good with no real defects until 50 degrees. There is a small amount of stringing still. Bridging tests seem flawless. One thing that I really notice about the whole mini test though is that the lettering is terrible. It's almost unreadable. This is most notable on the flat base. What is this caused by? Over extrusion?

    I'm most concerned with the quality of the lettering on the mini test but I'd love all forms of advice to get things even cleaner! If you need further pictures or other information just let me know.
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