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    Question Amabox FDM 3D Printing: The Best Choice of Figures Printing

    Nowadays, 3D printers are becoming popular in animation and gaming circles. Who wouldn't want their favorite anime character to be within eyeshot? However, the small size of the figures requires high precision and stability of 3D printing.

    Since the rise of 3D printers, most of the so-called entry-level 3D printers we have seen are around $200. Although the price is cheap, the layers are striking and the quality of print is very poor.
    There are some 3D printers with high printing accuracy, but 3D printer enthusiasts know that those printers must be assembled by ourselves, and the printing platform needs to be adjusted repeatedly during the printing process, and sometimes the nozzles even hit the PEI board. It is also embarrassed many 3D printing enthusiasts who want to make high-precision figures.
    According to the needs of custom, Amabox lately created by Elyarchi is ready to use. When the speed of Amabox reach 500mm/s, the accuracy is maintained at 0.05mm. It not only fills the vacancy of high-precision complete machine printers in the market, but also brings surprise to 3D printing enthusiasts.

    As a product customized for 3D printing enthusiasts, Amabox has good printing accuracy and speed, and at the same time the 7-inch capacitive screen brings enthusiasts a better experience. This is a new stage for enthusiasts to show their imagination .
    Excellent software and hardware conditions
    How does its perform? It can be called the best FDM printer under 1500 dollars through our tests in the past two days.
    Common Sense
    7-inch Capacitive Screen(light touch; responsive UI )
    4.3-inch Resistive Screen(hard touch; slow UI)
    Build Volume
    Max Temp of Hot Bed
    Max Temp of Extruder
    In terms of firmware, Amabox chose the Core XY structure. Compared with the I3 and I3?MB structures, the dual belts are driven by four stepping motors and the printing is more stable. In terms of hardware, Amabox uses Klipper firmware, which can control printing errors within a very small range.
    High temperature nozzle can melt a variety of filaments
    The temperature of the nozzle can reach up to 300 degrees?, which can melt a variety of consumables smoothly. It can melt PVC filaments to print figures and many filaments, such as PLA; PLA+; ABS; ABS+; PETG; PC; PA; TPU; TPE and so on. And can print figure’s clothes and scenes.

    Excellent user experience
    In addition to the stability, smoothness and speed brought by the performance to players in printing, in terms of user experience, it is ready to use without assembly and leveling, silent printing and a 7-inch capacitive screen. Make users more immersive and three-dimensional in both visual and tactile experience.

    Amabox is the only all-in-one machine with high precision and speed in recent years, and it performs quite well when printing figures of different materials. As a desktop FDM 3D printer, Amabox has a clear positioning - to provide high-quality services for 3D printing enthusiasts. The Core XY structure and Klipper, high-temperature nozzle make Amabox well suited for stable printing. Amabox is warming up, details can be paid to the official website, INS and Facebook.
    ?: 300? is the extreme environment our machine can stand. To prolong the lifespan of products, the ideal operation temperature shall be controlled under 260?.This product is warming up, details can be paid to the official website: [](h.../product.html)

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    This appears to be a kickstarter project because it is not yet available to buy

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    Hello, Elyarchi is in the pre-promotion stage, pre-sale time will be next month, if you are interested in this can consult with me~~

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