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    Post Which printer to buy with 1200e budget for this kind of model

    Hi Dear Community, I'm writing to you today because I'm looking for a new 3D printer entry/mid-range level with a budget of 1200euros which would be the best choice to make this kind of model (have a look to the following piece attached to have an idee). The height of this maquette on the image is 20cm and the depth is 15cm. This maquette is small representation of a sculpture, it's like a pearl necklace, where the pearls are each connected between them, they are like “frozen in the air” in a way. I'm looking for a good clean and smooth surface appearance for the pearl and a result that is not too fragile if it's possible...the material would be one uniform color.If it was possible, I'd prefer to choose a FDM technology instead of an SLA techno because according to what I read on the subject the SLA techno creates a lot of wastes and dirt on a table but I still stay open to counter arguments...Thank you very much in advance for your time and your comprehension in what I'm looking for
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