Hello all, I am new to 3d printing. Brand new as in i dont know much at all. I do know though that I purchased 2 types of fillament. PLA+ and PLASilk. The silk is great. it prints wonderfully at 103 steps. However.. when I go to callibrate using the PLA+, no matter how low or high I put the steps, it is ALWAYS under extruding. I have been as low as 73 and as high as 400 steps and there has been very little change in the amount used. I have noticed when the fillament is extruded, it is patchy and not all the same thickness. I have tweaked the temperature and played with the fittings on the extruder and where the fillament goes in. The gears and lever have been loosened and the belts tightened yet nothing is working. Is it something to do with Flow perhaps? It seems I can only access flow when its printing media though. Please help? Why can I not callibrate my PLA+ like I did my PLASilk? also both fills are the same width and have the same temps.