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    Looking for some input: 3D model to print

    Hi all, I've recently put a 3D model together and since I don't have an engineering background or much experience with 3D modelling and 3D printers, I was wondering if I could get some input on the design and how it would translate to printing. Context: This print is a holder for some lab-equipment (that fits in the highlighted part in first screenshot, standing on the 4 legs), to be underwater held down by some weight on the sort of platform thing at the base. Size: Base is about 25 x 20 cm, height is roughly 15 cm (without that top holder part, which will be printed out separately, along with 4 nub-type things, see images). Questions: I was wondering if an extruder-type printer would be okay with the design really, and I divided the part in 4 (as seen in attachments) so it could fit in smaller printers. They would then be glued together using the little slots seen in the more zoomed in screenshot. But not sure how practical this is.Also, I'm sure there are plenty of ways to make this whole thing more efficient (printing time, cost in material etc.), let me know if you think of anything in particular.I'll be trying a print out soon (not my printer, either one from a 3D printing facility where they have smaller and larger extruder printers, also formlabs printers, or from an online printing service), so there is no particular printer I'm trying to print this with, maybe somebody has a suggestion?Sorry this post in probably lacking important details, but since I'm not really well-versed in this, I'm not sure what info is most important. So for now its a bit of an open enquiry, I'm happy to provide more info/edit the post.Thanks!
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    It's challenging to tell from the photos enough information to answer your questions. My largest printer capacity is 250 x 300 base, 250 high, but the key aspect of printing something like this would be orientation during the print. One wishes to have the orientation such as to avoid the requirement of supports while printing, but also to have the orientation of the layer lines for maximum strength. Would you consider to attach the STL files which comprise your work and perhaps to include the un-segmented model as well? I don't think the un-segmented model is best suited, regardless of print capacity, but it would be more helpful to determine best strength orientation of the layer lines. If you are in the USA, consider also that I would be willing to print the model, if it proves practical. I'm certain I'll be less costly than a service! It's a hobby for me, not a source of income. Toss me a message in the private messaging system with your email address and we can move this out of the forum for faster response time.

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