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    Elegoo Neptune 3 Leveling Issues and Bed Issues?

    Hello, im new to 3d printing and been having issues with the bed looking to not be level. I have an elegoo neptune 3 which has the auto level bed but it still seems off. Now sure how to fix that, any suggestions? Also as you can see in the photo the print doesnt seem to be sticking to the bed in some parts in the middle and on the bottom left corner. What could be causing that? Thank you for any help.
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    I been getting similar things with mine as well. I notice it only seems to happen on right side of the bed (side by the controller). I get warping on the ends of prints, and have done several bed levels, temp changes, deep clean the build sheet, used glue stick, and changed filaments. So far hatchbox petg has been working better, but still having issues on a lot of prints.

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