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    Print bed help / question

    Hi all, I have a CR-10 pro that has the original aluminum print bed plate that I attach the Creality print surface to. Problem is removing the parts, they are just too well stuck. I also have a cheap Anycubic P that came with a coated glass bed. Recently I had to use it while waiting on parts for the CR-10. When hot the bed really holds parts tight and when done and after cooling the part will literally come off by just blowing on it. It is just sitting there with absolutely no adhesion. Now maybe I should have known about this but I didn't and this is the bed material I want to put on the CR-10. I went on ebay and bought what I thought would be the same, eBay item number:265484594946Now this looks the same and holds well but after cooling down to room temperature, the print will NOT come off even with extreme measures. It will actually break the print before coming off. What bed do I need for it to act the same as the Anycubic?Thanks, Tom

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    You could try some Magigoo, just dribble some water round the edge of the print after it has all cooled down, then start to ease the print off with a thin scraper blade.

    Used to work for me on a glass bed.

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