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    how to upscale a 3d file to match my measurements

    Hi all,basically, i have downloaded this file and need to upscale it to fit a 60ml's for my great nan as she has to be fed via a feeding peg and she struggles to plunge the syringe when full of her feeding liquid.i have no idea on how to do this, i have the syringe with me and some calipers but no idea on how to use them any info would be much appreciated

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    Suggestion...import the STL file into your slicer and you should be able to adjust the size there up or down ready to export it as a G-code file.

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    @TayZc1, I found an amazon item that presents the dimensions: If you can confirm that these values match the item you have, it provides a starting point. Using the 20 ml model in the link you provided, I measured the opening for the syringe. It appears that the 20 ml syringe requires about a 21.5 mm diameter to fit in that model. The amazon link indicates a 31 mm diameter, which scales up by 144 percent. It's possible that you'd want to go a bit larger, perhaps 145 percent, but too much could create slop in the design. At least with upscaling a part, it becomes less fragile as a result. Using the 144 percent figure, I've scaled the objects using Meshmixer and attached them. Obviously, you'll want to ensure that the length is appropriate. That's a parameter I did not check. I'm hopeful that adjusting the inside diameter of the female portion will provide for proportional matching of the syringe.
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