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    Replicator 5th Gen no response to wheel or buttons?

    The thing boots up normally (if 2-3 minutes is considered normal) and then goes to the main screen with the 6 icons on the screen. The selector wheel does nothing, and the two buttons do nothing.

    I am able to control and print using the software and USB cable, however I can't setup wi-fi because it requires me to press the wheel on the printer despite being able to set it up in the software.

    Besides other quirks like not being able to set the Z babystep during a print, this printer sounds like it's going to transform into a decepticon with the amount of noise it makes while printing.

    Is this a known issue on these things with the buttons and wheel failing, or is there an easy way to fix it?

    Or would I have to replace the whole wheel/button/screen assembly?

    I realize its 8 year old technology, which in 3D printer terms is like a century, but I would like to try and get it working properly.

    Any insights appreciated.

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