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    Not all lines of STL are printing

    I am new to #D printing and I am having an issues I just don't understand. I have a 2D drawing that I have made into an STL. It imports into TinkerCad just fine, and exports an an STL just fine. I can bring that into Cura without an issue, but when I slice it and preview, it shows all of the parts, but not all parts will show as printing when I move up the layers. (and that proves to be correct when I actually print the file)I am attaching the picture, the .stl and the gcode file if anyone wants to take a stab at why this might be happening.
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    Sliced it in Prusa slicer and it comes up ..... auto repaired 6636 errors

    Perhaps try Prusa slicer, I've only just started using it and I really like it.

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    I will give it a try, than you.

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