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    Question HELP Needed: why does my Ender 3 V2 do this?

    Hi everyone, I apologize in advance if my message is not correct according to the general rules of the forun, it's my first time. I bought around May an Ender 3 V2. I have been printing since then eSun PLA + white. I have noticed that with time, while I was playing around with some settings, an error in the starboard and tribord side of Benchy started to arise (Benchy in white) even in moderately good prints. To make sure it was not the printer and it was my Gcode I printed the "perfect print" gcode from NeedItMakeIt ( and it came out perfect. I reverted to a more "standard" set of settings for the printer and the problem was mitigated but not cancelled. Flash forward a couple of weeks I bought some glow in the dark PLA and used almost 1 kg, when the printer started to have problems and, ad it turned out was to be expected, the glow in the dark PLA did clog the nozzle. Not having another .4 nozzle I moved to a .2 nozzle to print another benchy this time in gray PLA + from eSun and the print was a disaster, similar to the error I was mentioning with white PLA + but much worse. If you think these are two different issues, what could be the reason? Are my filament driving gears the issue? Thanks!
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