First of all, hello to everybody on this forum (first post)! I am looking for colored ESD-safe filaments (might also be called "antistatic"). These materials usually achieve the needed conductivity range by adding various amount of carbon to the base material. So I wasn't surprised at first when I only found them in black, so I thought that's just how it must be and I stopped looking. Then later I accidentally stumbled upon an ESD-safe PETG filament in white! If it is possible to make it in white then theoretically any color should be possible. Still, I'm having no luck in finding any such material in a "real" color (optimal for me would be green). A compromise and alternative would be to apply antistatic spray coating to the printed object made out of a non-antistatic filament of the right color. I'm not super fond of this idea though, as we're talking about functional parts, and any coating could/would be damaged over time and would need to be renewed regularly and at unknown intervals. So here I am asking for your knowledge. Have you heard of any colored (other than black or white) antistatic / ESD filaments?