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    MakerBot Method Questions

    Hello,I work for a public library, and we just got some MakerBot Method printers that we will be training staff on shortly and, eventually, have available for public use. We currently have MakerBot Replicator + machines, so there will be a bit of a learning curve for some folks. I have a couple of questions that I haven't really seen answered on MakerBot.- I know you can create prints that do not use support filament, but every time I've tried to run the printer without the PVA loaded into bay 2, it won't allow me to proceed. Do you have to load both PLA and the PVA support in order to get the printer to run, even if you aren't using any support?- Does anyone have any simple tips/tricks for dissolving the PVA filament? I am able to eventually get it dissolved in water, but most of what I find on MakerBot suggests an agitator, which isn't necessarily something our customers would have on hand at home. I assume the standard "Leave it in water for 24 hours" is probably the best method, but if anyone has a way of dissolving it faster with normal household items, I'd love to add that to our guide.- I am figuring the answer here is no, but just in case - can you print with two different PLA filaments at the same time? We did try to load PLA into the second bay and got an error that it was the wrong filament type, but I thought it was worth asking in case someone knows a trick that I am not aware of. Thank you!
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    Yo can run with filament in extruder 1 only and use break away supports, you can also use any brand of PLA as long as you have an spool of PLA in the draw even if its empty.

    The Spools are NOT DRM as some say they are just NFC with settings.


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