Again Cura 4.13 has crashed before the print finished. The card reader in my CR20 broke the third time I used it. I have been printing via USB from my laptop ever since. Mostly that has worked fine although Cura has a tendency to crash. Ever since I upgraded to Cura 4.13 this seems to be getting worse. I am using Windows 10 home edition. Windows has continued to upgrade itself so I suppose it is current. This problem is driving me to tears. An 11 hour print crashed last night about 1/2 an hour from being finished. This is sooooo frustrating. Anybody else having this problem? Is it a common problem with Cura?

I should probably replace the motherboard on the CR20 and start using the SSD card again. But that is a pain to do and I don't trust the card reader to work for very long. Mech sent me a new motherboard when the card reader broke. I would rather print from USB on the laptop but Cura has been undependable. My pile of rejected prints on my latest project is now higher than the keepers. What a waste of plastic, money and time.