I've got an old Replicator 2 that is an absolute workhorse. It has printed over 5000 prints for me and is still my most reliable printer. I just upgraded an old iMac to a Mac Studio M1 Pro (OSX Monterey) and I cannot get the Makerbot Desktop 3.10 to recognize the printer at all. I can see the printer just fine in the USB list (under system report), but the old Desktop 3.10 can't start the background services.
In the background services log I've got the following errors...
2022-04-15 18:05:56,494 | ERROR | Thread-8:13102051328 | networked_machine_detector.py:315 | conveyor.networked_machine_detector.Broadcaster:_b roadcast_loop | ERROR: Broadcasting on
2022-04-14 19:39:16,839 | ERROR | Dummy-11:8597014016 | init.py:1574 | conveyor.server.Server:usb_device_inserted | Error connecting to machine {u'iserial': '6493534333335171A212', u'pid': 45077, u'port_type': 'UsbPort', u'vid': 9153}
There is a lot more detail in the console log, but these are the two main errors. Has anyone else got Desktop 3.10 to work on a Mac M1 with Monterey? It seems like this might be a permissions issue with the services or a python version or maybe a serial chip driver issue.
I'd prefer not to print from SD card or another machine, although I know that is my option of last resort.

Thanks, Mike