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    Weird under extrusion at layer change, , not your usual issue....

    Hey guys so, I need some help please, so I have built a 3d printer, cartesian using a duet3d on REPRAP firmware version 3.xxIt's all working but for one issue, whenever the extruder retracts or starts a new layer, it doesn't seem to extrude right away leaving missing lines in my print and on the first layers.I've calibrated e steps several times and also checked retract settings which are fine.I have no slipping in the gears.I am using a BIQU H2 extruder (I have 2 of them and both do the same)My slicer is Cura tried 4.7, 4.12 and 4.13I have tried many of the usual expected slicer settings and some extreme settingsTemps from 190-230c (generally use 210c with PLA+)speeds from 20mm/s up to 200mm/s (generally use 60mm/s)Retractions from off upto 3mm and retract speeds of 10mm/m upto 40mm/s (generally use 0.6mm and 30mm/s)travel speeds I have tried from 60 upto 400mm/s (generally use 120m/s)Where things get a bit stranger is that, my e steps are calibrated perfectly (checked more than 10 times) but it over extruders with 100% flow rate (cura) so have to set flow to 88%...however even at a 100% flow rate the slow extrusion at the start of a layer is still present.I've tested 2 brand new extruders and both same issue
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    Hello. Maybe its about cura. Can you try it with prusa slicer? You can use presets inside of the slicer. This is the example of using filament settings;

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