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    Beginner needs help to ID board!

    Hi, I just did the classic 'buy first 3D printer for mega cheap off Amazon'. It's meant to be an A8 clone. The documentation is non-existent. I've had to make a couple of tweaks to it but I've actually got a couple of reasonable prints out of it.What I am currently finding frustrating is the firmware. No idea what it is but it's utter c$*p to the point it's limiting my ability to do basic stuff like bed leveling, changing the filament etc. So, I'd like to upgrade it to Marlin (or any other recommenation) if possible. Trouble is I don't even know what the board is: it looks like a 'v1.5' clone itself (see image).Anyone have any idea what this board is and whether it's going to be worth my while trying to flash Marlin onto it? Looks like ATMega1284p chip but I guess this itself doesn't necessarily mean I can perform an upgrade onto it? Should I chuck it and get a new board?Thanks in advance,C
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    I've been in this situation myself and ended up getting a new board. Have you checked youtube vids, etc? BR Espen GarmanMarketing @ Forbrukslån Kalkulator

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    Thank you for this - this is the conclusion I'm coming to, too! Yes, seen various on Youtube but the challenge has been finding the right information for my very random self-build kit (as a complete beginner). Mostly the Anet A8 info seems relevant. But this is one of the reasons I'm leaning towards a new board as at least I will be able to follow the basic levelling tutorials etc. I have actually gotten a couple of decent prints out of this machine but I think it was more luck than anything haha.

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