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    That's what I meant. When I said "filament diameter' I didn't mean the size of the material on the spool, I meant the diameter of the thread of melted plastic that comes out of the extruder. Still working on proper vocabulary...

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    I'm new to this but if you are looking for tolerances of 0.001 inches you are probably looking at the wrong tool for the job. You might look into resin printers, they're more dimensionally stable..If you want to scale, you can with the QIDI slicer. I just printed some 1/4-20 capable knobs and wanted some 3/8-16 knobs as well. I'm not up to speed with CAD design so I scaled up the smaller knob by a factor of 128.57% which worked. I wanted a beefier knob so I increased the infill from 15 to 40%, the wall thicknesses to 4 or more, and scaled the Z axis to 100% to reduce the height of the knob. All this worked well. So the slicer can be configured as you need. One thing is that the slicer will reconfigure for the original part unless you set all the parameters before slicing. If you configure then slice, the settings seem to stay changed. If you slice then configure, your changes disappear.I hope some of this is useful.Another thing you might consider is a CNC mill. If properly set up it will get you very good tolerances.

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