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    Can't change resin parameters in Lychee

    All, I have tried to change the number of initial layers, the times and the subsequent layer times in Lychee, but for some reason when I print it always seems to print with the default Lychee resin settings. The printer is a Photon Mono X.I'm pretty certain it is me not understanding how to set it correctly and select it so any help would be appreciatedThanksLes

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    Try chitubox

    It will definitewly change the number of first layers for my proxima mono6.

    Apparently some of these settings are hardwired into the printers firmware.

    For instance: There are three movements per layer.
    peel, secondary lift and then a quick bounce up and down.

    I can't see any purpose for the third step, but no matter what settings I put in the slicer (tried 3 slicers) I cannot stop it doing the third up and down movement.

    If I could eliminate it, it would cut the printing time almost in half, without having to change any other settings.

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