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    Newbie question: FF Dreamer Extruder Selection

    Hi All,I just got a FF Dreamer and have been playing with it for the last 2 or so weeks. Everything is going great, not running into any print quality, adhesion issues. Really happy with the printer over all.I know this is a basic question but here goes, "How do I tell the printer to print with the left extruder?".So to give some light to where I'm coming from, I have both extruders working, I have actually completed dual extruder prints. Say all support structures were from the left extruder and the real item being printed was from the right extruder.I just want to be able to say "print this item with the left extruder." Today all single colour prints seem to come from the right extruder. I just can't see a setting to allow me to change this. thanks for all help direction.All the best.
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    This may be a bug in the software. I've managed to get it to use the other extruder (Left) by starting a totally new flashprint 5 project file.

    Does this sound reasonable? Maybe I'm expecting too much

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