A crucial question arises before you try and be a hero for your lawn. How to check if saving the lawn is worth a shot or is it too late? A simple way to check that is the pulling method. It is as simple as it sounds. First, spot a yellowing or a brown area where you suspect the turf is dying. Then, grab a handful of grass, leaves and gently pull them out. If the grass shows no signs of resistance and comes right into your hand, it is most likely dead. Therefore, you should replace it with new turf. On the other hand, if you feel some resistance and the grassroots stay put in the soil then it is probably alive. Even though at the moment it may seem dead. St. Augustine grass that has been dormant or yellowing for 3 to 5 weeks can be revived. However, grass past 6 weeks in such a state is usually dead.Read more: https://www.machinesrating.com/how-t...-to-grow-back/