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    switching from Cura to Prusa slicer, where is USB?

    i've been having problems with my prints just stopping for no reason, and it always seems to be around 55% which makes me suspect a problem with Cura, but not sure. if it was a bad USB connection you would think the stop point would be more random.

    anyhow, i've been thinking of trying prusa slicer for a while and just downloaded it. i see connection options for octoprint (which i don't have but probably a good idea) but not for USB. with Cura it's easy, just select to print USB. what's the dealio with Prusa?

    i guess i need this
    seems like a pain to use yet another program, is there nothing built in?


    i should add, i'm using a ender3 and its worked perfectly for a month of so, then this random stop thing just started a few days ago and happens a couple of times a day. i do 20-30 prints a day so not all the time. i have the same hardware and software setup as before when it was fine.
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    This was a removed from the rewriting of the core components, from what I have read.

    However you can Use export to Octoprint

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