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    Prospective VORON 2.4 buyer's Questions

    Hi Everyone !
    I'm looking at buying a VORON 2.4 kit and I could use some guidance in doing so.

    *Where to Buy*
    I do not want to buy the parts separately.
    To me that's just insanity with the uncertainty of stock and shipping these days.
    So I'm wanting a kit. I have found the FormBot Kit but are there others ??

    *The 3D Printed Parts*
    I've looked around and found some collections on ETSY but the prices are through the roof!
    I think it would be better to just print them myself at my local MakerSpace.
    Which brings me to Filament choice. I'm considering "TitanX Industrial ABS".
    Any other recommendations !?

    *Essential Upgrades*
    I'm still searching for info on practical upgrades.
    I'm hoping the community will help me find those faster What would make this list for the VORON 2.4?

    *What have I missed*
    I'm sure there are some important "gotchas" about building this kit that I should really know but don't.
    If you've built one, please let me know !! I'm still watching the build video by Dr. D-Flo. Maybe he points out some there.
    Any other good build/info videos on the VORON 2.4 that you would suggest?

    Thank you very much for your time :-)

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