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    Your favorite subject at school

    When you were in school did you enjoy learning? If yes, what was your favorite subject at school and why? I didn't like studying and I still don't, but my job requires me to know several languages and now I need to learn French. What can you advise me to do?
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    My favorite subject at school was gymnastics, but I will say this, you should always study.
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    I really liked the history lessons and I constantly skipped the writing lessons. I hated writing, but when I was faced with the task of writing job search statements, I failed helped me I'm so glad that there are writing services that can solve the problem in a short time.
    You are another one who wants to go through life cheating rather than actually doing the work required
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    English literature
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    Math and PE
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    History. It's fun.I'm one of those loser nerds who studies history for fun. It's pretty much like Game of Thrones but it actually happened, without the dragons.These professionals have expertise in school paper help writing and are familiar with the latest academic standards.Sadly I didn't get to take any history courses last year, I was forced to do *gags* Geography instead. Geography is the sh*ttier, more useless and mundane version of history.This year I'm taking world history and maybe some AP courses too.
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    Mathematics is my evrgreeen fav subject
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