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    Extrusion Issues/ PLA Feeding

    I have been having this recurring issue where my PLA stops feeding part way through my most recent print attempts, but now I can't even get a print to start correctly. I'm using a Crealty CR-10 and have previously had the filament fed properly through the tube and nozzle. Now, the feeder gear is stripping the PLA in the feeder and the feeder wheel doesn't move. While preheating, the extruder is producing warm PLA onto the bed so I don't believe it is a nozzle clog issue, but when the print begins nothing comes out. I've tried taking the feeder spring apart and tightening/loosening it but to no avail. If anyone has had a similar issue and knows how to help I would greatly appreciate it!

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    I have a CR10 also. I had all kinds of problems with the feeder. Everything from stripping the filament, to breaking it outright and the bowden tube eventually working its way out of the spring clip/holder and balling filament everywhere. That last one was so bad I was lucky it didn't start a fire.

    I finally got tired of chasing the various frustrations and bought an E3D Titan direct extruder:

    (I'm not affiliated with the link, just posting it as an example)

    Not one problem feeding filament since. Wasn't cheap, as I bought it directly from Creality so I knew it was a direct fit, but it was money well spent for me.

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