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    Creality LD-002H series of issues need help!

    I've got two serious issues going on with my LD-002H the first of which has to do with my prints coming out the way they look in the pictures posted. What's curious about the issue is that it only happens sometimes. For example I was able to successfully print out the exact same slice of this with the exact same settings just fine. And sometimes it'll be only one item on the whole print coming out messed up. I have no idea what causes the issue because I've since switched to lychee and have repaired the .stl's multiple times but it doesnt seem to have done anything. What exactly do I do? my other issue is potentially fatal for the machine. The resin somehow keeps finding a way to get underneath the vat and up against the screen, sometimes even bypassing the screen protector and damaging the UV light screen, I've done everything I can think of to stop this issue including using alcohol every 45 min to clean the edged of the protector and vat that would be the only external way for the resin to get in. Anyone have any advice? I cant send the printer back because I've had it for a few months, though I've only been using it for a month or so. I do have a warranty on it. What do I do?
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    I've identified the issue. The FEP screen is getting moved around by too much suction. It appears to become loose because of the amount of heat from the machine. Is there anything I can do to prevent this from happening and lessen the suction?

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