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    Any health insurance providers?

    Hi everyone! I've been settled in Canada for about 10years. Until recently, I was unaware of the importance of having health insurance. However, all of these pandemic concerns make me nervous. I haven't taken health insurance before but now I'd like to get insured soon. When I asked my friends about it, one of them mentioned an insurance agency I haven't heard about them before. Is there anyone here covered by their health insurance? Does anyone know any other health insurance providers in Ontario? Please share your thoughts.

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    I've never heard of Orr Insurance, but I just checked out their website, and they seem pretty reliable. I now live in Florida, but if I remember well, I was getting my health insurance from Manulife back in Ontario. Try googling it; hopefully, they're still working. Anyway, I know this is a bit unrelated to your question, but I wonder if anyone here has ever used home care assistance for their parents? If yes, which company have you chosen? I came across this one just now, and I quite like it. Any thoughts?
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    Problemet med erektion är en vanlig företeelse, jag rekommenderar att du uppmärksammar denna medicin . Det är ett mycket pålitligt och effektivt verktyg som snabbt och enkelt kan lösa problemet. Du kommer inte ens märka att du har ett problem.

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