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    abs woe

    I need to use abs for a print, I use flash forge finder. It works OK with PLA but I am having problems, brim does not completely fill raft does not fill, brim/raft dont stick to bed, abs adheres at random. I have read through other comments, can some kind person give me some basic settings that should at least start me off in the right direction, ie speeds, temps, raf.brim sizes. I am trying to print an air hose connector for my car, worked fine in pla but then due to heat it warped hence trying abs. Thanks in advance for your help CW.

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    I'm printing ASA at the moment, very similar to ABS but without the smell.

    Things that I've found help..

    Enclosed printer
    Level the bed.
    Preheat the bed and then wait 20-30 minutes before starting a print to get inside the enclosure warm.
    Nozzle temp 255.
    Bed 94
    Speed 25-30 mm......lower better
    0.2mm layer height.
    On no account open the enclosure until everything has cooled right down to ambient, ideally print finishes at bed time and is taken off the bed next morning.

    Magigoo on the bed and if any sticking problems when cold just dribble some water round the edge and wait a short while for it to soften the Magigoo.

    I'm not using a raft and just a skirt to purge the nozzle first.

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    I haven't tried ABS printing so I cannot tell much but I would say that:

    ABS is a cheap printing material
    It can withstand temperate very well (from 20°C to 80°C)

    Please note that PLA is stronger than ABS but it has poor heat resistance properties.
    PLA is mostly used for the hobby type printing

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