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    Question CR Touch on ender 5

    I have installed the CR Touch on my ender 5. I have also installed the silent 4.2.7 mainboard along with the appropriate firmware. I am having an issue with setting up the X and Y axes. When I go to 'level bed', the probe touches the first two spots as it should but the third stop (as is the same for all points along the left side) has the probe hanging off the heat bed. I can't find anything online that I can understand on how to get this right. Am I absolutely going to need to edit my firmware? I was hoping there was something in the settings in the menu that I could change. Any and all help is appreciated.

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    So I took a chance and simply moved the Y end stop. It seems to have solved it. But was it the correct way?

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    Sometimes the X and Y offset for the probe will mean the probe will probe past the edge of the bed if commanded to probe the edge of the bed. And so as we setup where we probe the bed we should take into considerations the commanded values of the X and Y offset for the Z probe. Moving your Y endstop changed the amount of MM on your Y axis and that is how I interpret what you are describing. You could also fix this issue by changing the probe positions or the X and Y offsets for the probe in relation to the nozzle or better both.

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