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    Help with Wanhao Duplicator 7

    Hi! I'm looking for some help with my resin 3D printer, the Wanhao Duplicator 7.

    I'm trying to set up a station where I'll have my old laptop and the printer linked together via USB and HDMI, to keep it as simple as possible since I've just spent a few days battling with getting a NanoDLP setup working, without success.

    I've installed the Lychee slicer program on the laptop, and I've connected my printer, and the USB ping sound can be heard, drivers seem to be installed, but when I look in the slicer program, it says my printer isn't connected. The D7 printer icon in the Lychee software shows the model with LCD screen, which mine lacks. Is it adapted for the newer models?
    What's the next step to trying to locate the problem? Anybody else that has had this issue? Is there another program that's similar to Lychee that I can try?

    Please note that I have the old Wanhao D7 without the "window" on the hood or LCD screen
    Here's a link to the model:

    Very thankful for any and all help!

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    what operating system do you have on the laptop ?

    usually you need to check the com port in windows to see which one the printer is using and then tell the slicer which one it is.
    most slicer have a drop down menu with available com ports.

    I would think the correct drivers should be installed by the slicer installation process.
    So that's probably not the problem.

    Also why are you printing over usb rather than with an sd card ?
    The card is by far the most reliable way to print and also measn the printer becomes a stand alone unit.

    Windows 10 is a bad idea to print over usb with anyway.

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