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    How to connect to E5 + S6 V 2.0

    Hello.I would need advice on how to connect the power supply to the S6 V 2.0 board so that I can install it in place of the original Ender 5 plus board.Thank you in advance for your help.
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    The pins are labeled on the backside of the mainboard. You will also connect power and ground from the power supply to the hot bed input. The S6 has this extra header so you can run a separate power supply for the bed if you like..

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    This is actually described on the back wall of the board. PWR - I plug in the power supply. What is HBIN for? BED - should I engage the bed? PC8, PC7, PC6 - to which should I connect the hotend heater ?. I'm just learning it, so I'm asking very basic things.

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